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"This place, hands down, is the best!!! Top notch service and has a very friendly inviting atmosphere! I chose it out of convenience but quickly learned I picked the best. The owner, Morgan really picked a great staff! He is amazing, Zach (my PT) is amazing (patient, understanding, educative, friendly, accommodating, etc.), Julie, Rose, RJ, Laura, Ray, and Sabir (who used to work here). All super friendly, accommodating, and patient. They’ve helped me regain my mobility in my knee. I’m now able to perform certain exercises I was never been able to perform pre-surgery (basically my whole life) thanks to their careful guidance and expertise. I also found out several of my friends in the valley have come here and all say the same positive things. They’re even accommodating to me since I deal with extreme anxiety. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking to get the best care possible!! I can’t express this enough, but thank you team for all you do!!!!!"
Sep 01, 2023
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"Morgan and all the staff are so, so, kind and when I had a bad episode with severe anxiety and depression I wasent going to go to therapy and I felt so nervous returning, but I called and spoke to Rose and explained what had happend and asked if I could please do my therapy in a room and they accommodated me and took special care with me on all my visits till I felt comfortable to get back out in the gym. I can't express how much I appreciate all they did to help me. Thank you Morgan, Rose, Rj, Laura and everyone else for helping me through a difficult time. ❤️"
Jun 30, 2023
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Apr 28, 2023
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"Every physician needs to send his or her patients to Athleticare for recovery. Beginning with Doctor Morgan, who has created an environment which centers around the patient, your recovery is highly successful in such a clean, well organized, well equipped, and inviting space. Personally, I have had several surgeries, and; therefore, been sent to many physical therapy clinics which practice: “Do 30 of these, and I will ignore you and play on the computer and give you no help or instructions.” Never at Athleticare: First, Rose, always at the reception area, answers any questions you might have. All the physical therapy people are well trained in their field and have been chosen for their ability to interact and guide patients through their recovery. Every visit, Doctor Morgan personally discusses your individual progress. Athleticare is the best physical therapy recovery facility in Southern Nevada."
Apr 06, 2023
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"Athleticare, is by far the best physical therapy facility for your recovery process. They truly care and want you to get better. Every employee gives their all for every patient. I can't say enough positive things!"
Apr 03, 2023
"My daughter and I have been going there for about a month and are both happy with the progress we are making. She works with Morgan and I work with Nick and they are both very professional and knowledgeable. I have been to many Physical Therapist but hands down this has been the best and happy to refer them to all. They also both do dry needling and in both my case and my daughters this has been a game changer and highly recommend for muscle activation and also nerve issues. I don’t want to forget their team who spend a lot of time with us and all are super great at what they do. Thanks guys!!"
Nov 21, 2022
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"Amazing. The best physical therapy in Las Vegas hands down!!!! Helped me after hip surgery and a slip on the steps. Top notch!"
May 31, 2022
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"I had previously gone to another PT place, but once starting here, Zachary made me look at PT differently. The other place made me feel like they were in a hurry to get me in and out. Zachary was engaging, personable, knowledgeable, and very understanding. I did not feel rushed or that I was taking up too much time, he addressed all my questions and concerns. I would 100% recommend Athleticare to anyone that needs PT."
May 24, 2022
"1st klass all day"
May 17, 2022
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"WOW! I have been running for over 25 years- I ran on a Div. 1 school and most recently I have been training for an ultra marathon which is the cause as to how I set up an appointment with Dr. Barrett - She did a running analysis - Dr. Barrett did an OUTSTANDING job - SHE HEARD(sorry for the screaming) my concerns about my running injuries -I have seen plenty of PT's and orthopedic surgeon and all of them have said "limit your running" or "don't run anymore" - obviously they are no longer in my team. I truly believe that I have found my future team I have an appointment with Morgan for my rehab. So far so good -"
Jun 29, 2021
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"Morgan and the entire Athleticare staff are professional, caring and committed to their clients. I went to Athleticare last year for a sports injury and for treatment after surgery. I have returned this year after another surgery and will continue to come to Athleticare if needed in the future. I highly recommend Athleticare!!"
Dec 03, 2020
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"Only took 3 visits to feel better than I have in over 10 years."
Feb 13, 2020
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"I had a very positive experience working with the staff at Athleticare during the rehab of a minor hamstring injury. The facility is very nice and equipped with great equipment. The staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. I highly recommend!"
Oct 16, 2018
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"Before my experience with Athleticare I thought physical therapy was a joke. I believe it only helped a little. Now after my shoulder surgery, that view has radically changed. My shoulders now feel the best they have in decades because of the workouts and education from the staff. As a fire fighter for over 26 years and having been a surfer for over 30 years my shoulders ached and now I don’t that pain. There is a balance of strength throughout my range of motion. I highly recommend Athleticare. "
Aug 08, 2018
"I had my knee replaced in Salt Lake City and Rose was so kind to help me set up therapy in Las Vegas.... I accidentally found this place I was pleasantly surprised when the therapist was as amazing as he is ....I am now post op 2 weeks Morgan is extremely professional and knowledgeable and is an expert in his field .... my movement is limited but going to physical therapy really helps you push and meet your goals great staff Alexa it's great to work with I wish I could give them more than five stars great place great opportunity to rehabilitate.."
Jun 04, 2018
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"I can't say enough about what excellent care I received from here. The facility is large and roomy the equipment is up to date and works efficiently and smooth. The quality of care from the very first phone call with Rose and her professionalism and comforting voice to the exceptional care I received from Alexa who is Morgan Crum assistant who is always watching and showing you the Correct way to do your excerise's and me in particular to stand up straight and pull my shoulders back so much it got to be a game..Love her so much fun and always has a happy grin goin on. Now for Morgan wow...I have had 4 different therapists for different reasons and the same but I have never had someone Really care this much and spend so much time with you and answer all my multiple questions since I'm a perfectionist. He works with you on your recovery as if it's his own family. I went after a shoulder surgery and he is so knowledgeable about every injury I saw come through the building. He got me back to playing tennis much sooner than I had expected!! Morgan and Alexa work so well together this business is a well oiled machine so much so I hated to leave. I am recommendin them to Anyone I know that needs a therapist. I would give 10 stars if I could!"
Apr 09, 2018
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"I have degenerative disk disease & osteoarthritis in my L5 and torn cartilage & osteoarthritis in my left shoulder. I was facing surgery for both plus I was in a lot of pain & loss of range of motion. Morgan took great care of me, and today I'm pain-free and have much better flexibility & movement. I highly recommend Athleticare to anyone in pain or lack of motion or mobility!"
Feb 28, 2018
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"Athleticare is the absolute best!! Dr Morgan Crum is a caring, professional, intelligent, and highly skilled therapist who treats his patients with the upmost respect, empathy, and personal care. Every visit begins with a greeting and a " how are you feeling?" And then he really listens! He makes every patient feel like they are the only one he is caring for. The facility is clean and well equipped with plenty of room to accommodate all patients comfortably. Even when it is very busy, there is never a feeling of being cramped or restricted. His staff is outstanding! They are friendly, helpful, and professional in every way, and always available for whatever you need. Again, they are the best!! I have spent many days in physical therapy and always looked forward to going. I would never go anywhere else!"
Oct 31, 2017
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"Dr. Morgan Crum was referred over to me by my dance studio owner as I was recently was diagnosed with IT Band Syndrome. My dance studio owner was a former dancer herself and was Dr. Crum's patient for two years following knee surgery. This is the first dance injury that I have ever received in my life it. I am a 31 year old college student at UNLV who recently re-committed myself back into intense ballet training which is very intense. I have a dance background which I've been on and off on, but primarily in hip hop and break dance, so I expected that my body would be adjusting to such a drastic change and expected that at my age, that injuries were going to be probable. The facility itself is very clean, well-kept, and has all the tools and equipment necessary really for any athlete (in my case, dancer) to feel confidant that this is a place that is truly focused on giving you the best quality of service. The personalized attention that I get between Dr. Crum, Alexa and Rose are wonderful and they all have wonderful personalities and are friendly, warm and professional. Dr. Crum and Alexa are constantly on me regarding proper form when during therapy sessions which I have difficulty with only because the movement that I'm doing to get me out of my injury are so foreign to me, but I know that they're making a difference because I can truly, physically feel it. They have a wonderfully motivating facility and an optimum motivating attitude towards treatment. There are a variety of patients that I see, ranging from the elderly to the young kids, to the next high school All-American to adult marathon runners, all while I'm having my PT sessions. I'm a big, local sports junkie, so I'm happy to see some of his more well known patients photos framed up including Findlay Prep's Basketball team throughout the years. I also REALLY like that he's got a TV going on inside, so I can watch sports while I'm going through my PT sessions. I liked that he asked me what my dance goals were, so beyond getting me back to just my normal dance condition, but just overall. After I'm back to normal, I plan on keeping him on to help me be at an optimum operating level in terms of conditioning and flexibility once I'm cleared. I personally see his team twice a week and do assigned exercises at home daily. Perfect location just by Eastern and Windmill."
Oct 09, 2017
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"Great place. Clean environment. Very friendly staff. Dr. Morgan is knowledgeable and he knows a lot of different techniques to help get you feeling better. Alexa and Rose are so nice."
Sep 27, 2017
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"I have gone to several Physical Therapists for a myriad of injuries and Dr. Morgan Crum is the best. He uses the latest techniques to get to the heart of the injury and really help not only heal the injury, but try to prevent further injuries with a variety of exercises. He takes the time to find out what is wrong and you definitely get the time and dedication needed during your visit. Everyone at Athleticare is wonderful to work with from Rose at the front desk to Alexa who makes sure you are doing all your exercises right. Thanks everyone for helping me with my myriad of injuries!"
Jul 10, 2017
"I recently had knee replacement surgery and came to Athleticare for therapy. Morgan is knowledgeable, compassionate, and motivating. He constantly encouraged me to achieve and exceed my goals of becoming mobile and independent. Alexa is always there to support and encourage to complete your exercises. Rose is the friendliest person and greets you everyday with a warm welcome and an awesome smile. She makes your visit so much easier. I would like to thank Morgan, Alexa, and Rose for helping me through a tough recovery. Your help, support, and friendship have touched my heart and I will be forever grateful. Love-Sue"
Jul 01, 2017
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"I had a fantastic result because of the staff at Athleticare. It's a friendly, clean environment and the care is top notch. I would recommend Morgan and his team to any one looking for physical therapy. Great place to recover!"
Jun 28, 2017
"Outstanding, owner/operator, physical therapy facility. Every staff member is focused on your rehabilitation and recovery. Morgan Crum the owner personally oversees your full rehabilitation regiment. Alexa professionally assists as a therapist. Rosanne cordially attends to all of your scheduling and insurance needs. They want you to achieve 100% of your fitness and wellness goals, not just mere recovery. Have used them several times before and after various orthopedic surgeries; wouldn't go anywhere else. Highly recommend."
Jun 22, 2017
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"I had knee surgery and my surgeon recommended Athleticare for my physical therapy. Rose is at the front desk and is always friendly, meets you with a smile and is very helpful. Alexa is his assistant and helps you with the therapy so you get the most out of it. Dr. Morgan Crum is friendly and very thorough asking questions, thoughtful with his therapy and will give you advice to help with a speedy recovery. I would highly recommend them."
Jun 20, 2017
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"I am so fortunate that I found Athleticare. Morgan and his staff are very knowledgeable and the facility is top notch."
Jun 16, 2017
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"This place is great. You get customized treatment instead of the usual insensitive, in and out service. They really listen to you and then tailor a rehab plan based on your needs."
Apr 13, 2017
"This place is great. You get customized treatment instead of the usual insensitive, in and out service. They really listen to you and then taylor a rehab plan based on your needs."
May 04, 2016
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Prior to therapy I had much difficulty doing many day-to-day activities. Now I am able to do all things for myself. I feel that the PT I had really helped me. Dr. Crum and his staff are outstanding. I was always treated with professionalism and concern for my needs. I hope to never need his services again, but should I or anyone I know need PT, Dr. Crum will be my first choice for recovery. Thank you all for helping me.
-Donna S.
Prior to my first visit, unable to put on socks. Unable to sit lower than 18 inches. Plenty of pain to left thigh (on the side). Groin pain both left and right. Difficult to climb stairs. Unable to use normal height commode 16”. Unable to sit in my Corvette, seat is 14” high from the ground. NOW, I am able to do all the above. Also, Morgan Crum measured my strength and I have improved, stronger and more supple. Morgan, patient, caring, a professional. The staff is 1st class.
-Harry T.
Before I came here I had trouble with day-to-day life requiring any use of my right arm. It came to the point that I was unable to play the game of baseball which was my whole life. With the help of Morgan and the staff I was able to regain all the strength and motion back and now I’m better than ever. It’s a relaxed environment and is staffed by the finest people on earth.
-Zach W.
I had a very good experience with my therapy. When I first started I had severe pain in my left forearm radiating all the way into my left chest. I couldn’t sleep well and lifting was very painful. After my therapy I have very little nerve pain. There is none in my chest and almost none in my left arm. I can sleep almost normally as before my injury. I would recommend this facility to anyone who needs help. Before coming here I was taking Ibuprofen every 4 hours and icing all day off and on. Now none.
-Elizabeth G.
My experience at AthletiCare has been great! Both of my shoulders were surgically repaired and I am sure that I could not have fully recovered without the focused regimen of PT I received. I am back to 100% full range of motion!
-Greg B.
Great program to cut down on left knee soreness. The staff is nifty. Getting in and out of car’s driver seat is much easier now – although some soreness persists.
-Harold M.
Morgan and the entire staff at AthletiCare are extremely caring and take their time to make certain you are receiving the care and attention you need in an effort to get you better. I’ve had two shoulder surgeries in less than a year. They have been over the top helpful while working one on one with me. When I first started with AthletiCare I couldn’t move my shoulders. They worked tirelessly with me to help design workouts to strengthen my arms while minimizing the pain. After almost a year of physical therapy I have full range of motion in both arms. I would highly recommend them for all your physical therapy and sports performance needs.
-Ruth D.
Knee complication. I had difficulty bending knee with weakness. Terrific place to get therapy. I would recommend Morgan and his crew. Best experience ever.
-Clarence C.
My experience here was actually life changing. As a patient with medical phobias, I found myself in a mental depression to have to face a medical facility. After my car accident everything was painful physically. Upon arriving in this facility my quality of life increased. The professionalism and impeccable workout space helped mend my mind and body. Alexa and Morgan’s help with a healing plan paired with kick-butt exercises improved my body and reduced my pain with each visit.
-Rebecca O.
I couldn’t have asked for better care. I wasn’t even able to climb stairs without pain, before surgery and before the post-surgery physical therapy. Now my right leg is almost stronger than the left one. Thank you so much Morgan! Thanks to all of you at AthletiCare!
-M. Cecconi
All around 5 stars out of 5! The experience was not only productive and beneficial but, everyone was incredibly generous, professional and helpful. Coming in, my shoulder pain was happening frequently and my range of motion was limited. After therapy, I feel as though I am just about 100% in strength and range of motion. Can’t thank Morgan and the staff of AthletiCare enough for everything they did. When it comes to PT in Las Vegas, you would be silly to go anywhere else!
-Matthew H.
I have made great progress her in a very good environment for making improvement. I was unable to reach into cabinets for dishes, etc., however I can now do that. I was afraid to use my right arm for daily activities such as brushing my hair and teeth, and I now do that again with my right arm. It has been great being able to work with Morgan each day that I was here for continuity. His testing was important to me as I could see my progress. If I ever need to have PT again I will definitely come back here and will recommend AthletiCare to my friends.
-Alan L.
My experience here was an eye opening and learning experience. There are certain activities I was doing often that I should slow down or space them a little bit. With osteoarthritis you cannot give up body parts. I am an optimist so that helps a lot. Morgan helped a lot as far as my certain leg exercises to help strengthen my knees. Overall my knees have gotten much, much stronger.
-Cecilia T.
I had rotator cuff surgery which diminished much of my daily activities. It was a slow process, but three months later I feel I am stronger and more physical. Thanks to Morgan and staff here at AthletiCare I am living a normal and healthy life.
-Ernie S.
I had knee surgery on the right knee and was unable to drive or walk upstairs without assistance. Now, I do both and more. I would recommend Morgan and his staff to all who need PT. Great! This is my second knee surgery – that is why I came back.
-Mary Ann M.
My experience with PT here has been extremely beneficial. I have gained new strength in my body and really appreciate what Morgan and Alexa have been so helpful. I would send anyone to them for therapy. Have enjoyed the exercise and just want to thank all of you including Rosanne for all her help.
-Gloria Sollami
Before coming to AthletiCare, I had issues with my shoulder (flexibility, weakness, and slight tear of my labrum). After seeing Morgan, he was able to help rehab my problem areas and get me back to where I needed to be as far as strength and mobility. The staff has been really great and helpful. Great experience overall. I would totally recommend anyone to Morgan and his hard working staff.
-Erwin D.
I have been coming to AthletiCare for several years now. I’ve been injured in the knee twice, back problems, shoulders, and every time I ask my doctor to refer me here. Dr. Morgan and his staff are the best. Extremely friendly, took care of me every step of the way. Of course, needless to say, when my daughter was injured I brought her here also because I knew she was going to get the best care there is. I would highly recommend Dr. Morgan and his facility with his wonderful staff. I give them 10 stars, not just 5. You get the smile once you get into the door from his nice office manager, Rose. Then you have inside of course the doctor and his assistants. I had the pleasure of seeing Alexa, -she was wonderful. All in all, I love them.
-Alice S.
In August 2016 after completing 2 Ironman triathlons in a month but walking the marathon in each I went to visit Athleticare.  Morgan has been putting me back together for years, this one was the most difficult as it was a moderate sized defect in my knee cartilage – the end of my competitive running days.  After 3 months of PT I was able to run again and the swelling had noticeably subsided, all while training for races.   I am competing in 2 more Ironman triathlons this year, and I feel like I will be able to run the entire marathon at each.  I honestly thought my injury was so structural that there was little hope of being able to run again, but this 3 month period was the most measurable success I have had yet.  Thank you!
-Jerry S.
My experience at AthletiCare was great. It was much more personal than at other facilities that I have been to for physical therapy. Both Morgan and Alexa took a personal interest in me – I wasn’t just a number. I feel much better after attending about 15-16 therapy sessions. The entire staff, including Rosanne, were very friendly.
-John S.
I began going to AthletiCare for treatment on my lower back and right hip following a car accident. I had previously been going to a chiropractor and pain management clinic to alleviate the pain from my injury, but neither type of treatment helped on a long-term basis. I had some limited mobility and was unable to sit, walk, or stand for long periods. My doctor overseeing my overall care for the injury suggested doing physical therapy. That’s when I began working with Morgan Crum and his staff. The exercises they had me doing in addition to the treatment have done the most good in improving the way I move as well as the way I feel. Overall, the treatment more than met my expectations and the staff are great!
-Daphne B.
When I arrived I was not able to bend any of my toes on my right foot, even then it was only my middle toe that was broken. After the first day of therapy with Morgan I left with a pain level of 30 ☺ . But, I was able to move my toes. I enjoyed my therapy and every week it got better and better. Thank you Morgan & Alexa. ☺
-Lydia C.
On June 29th I had rotator cuff surgery and I consider myself very fortunate to have gone to AthletiCare for post-surgery physical therapy. The atmosphere is professional and friendly. On October 20th, less than four months after surgery, the surgeon told me that I had progressed to the point that follow up visits were no longer necessary. If there were problems I was to call. All the range of motion problems that had been present before surgery were gone. I am now able to dress, shower, shave, comb my hair, and even scratch most of my back. The therapy was designed, performed and supervised by Morgan Crum. I am grateful to Morgan, Rose, Alexa and Jenna Rae for the personal attention I received and making me feel more like a friend than a patient. I am a 77 year old male with Parkinson’s and Diabetes.
-Lloyd R.
When I arrived here about 2 months ago, I had injured my knee from a fall. This is the same knee that I had surgery on 4 years prior. I had been dealing with limited motion for those 4 years, but after my time here I feel the knee is better than it had been prior to the fall. I had a great experience and know this knee is better than it had been. I am back to walking again and hope to continue improving through the exercises I learned.
-Nancy N.
After my Cirque Du Soleil show closed I needed to seek treatment for my hip injury elsewhere. I asked fellow acrobats for a recommendation and was advised AthletiCare. Morgan is as high a level Athletic Trainer that I have worked with in my career and his facility is world class.
-John Brady
What an amazing experience I have had here at AthletiCare. Dr. Morgan Crum and his staff are fabulous. When I came here I had a hard time walking due to a bad sprain to my ankle. After 6 weeks of therapy I am now able to return to my active lifestyle (including bowling) with NO pain. I am going to miss my PT appointments and may just have to stop in to say “Hi.” Thank you for ALL you’ve done!
-Lorie S.
The staff is fantastic. The knee was weak and stiff before PT, but after my allotted sessions I am much stronger and more flexible.
-George Y.
This is my second visit to AthletiCare for a problem different from my first visit. It is because of my experience from my treatments and the results thereof of my first treatments that brought me back for my new ailment. Once again, Morgan and staff came through in a very professional manner and fixed my problem. I have referred to them in the past and will continue to do so in the future.
-Joel H.
Everyone at AthletiCare is amazing! I came in fresh off of rotator cuff surgery and they had me back good as new in no time! I would highly recommend them to anybody in need of physical therapy.
-Andrew Marlow
This has been a wonderful trip for me. I came here with very little mobility and strength. Morgan, you have helped me so much both physically and mentally. You are one in a million. Thanks for being you. Alexa, thanks for helping me on my ride back to health. Couldn’t have done it without you guys.
-Natalie R.
It is a real empowerment to work with the physical therapy expertise, calm focused demeanor and insurance (including Medicare) knowledge that Dr. Morgan Crum brings to his profession. By diligently working at and following his guidance, I have had a remarkably quick recovery from a hip replacement; walking and exercising largely pain-free 5 weeks post-op. I am excited about functioning well so soon. It is a pleasure to work with Morgan, Rose and Alexa.
-Roger A.
Really great place to recover. Wonderful people. Understand how to work with the patient. Such a great experience. Learned a lot about my body. A big Thank You to the team for bringing me back on my feet. Love you.
-Stephane Fiossonongaye
My therapy has been excellent. I thank the staff for all their help.
-Sara B.
Prior to receiving treatment at AthletiCare, I had trouble with all of my daily activities as it was my right arm that was impaired. This caused great difficulty for me since I have an overactive 5 year-old. After receiving physical therapy, I am now able to successfully perform simple things like washing my hair and playing with my daughter. The pain used to be a constant companion in my life. Now I have very little to no pain at all. I cannot begin to express my gratitude for everything the AthletiCare team have done for me. I will miss seeing them. They’ve been a wonderful experience in light of an aggravating problem.
-Iesha C.
My knee was down and out before surgery, then I came to AthletiCare after I had the knee replacement. It was a struggle and a long road due to my range of motion, but now I have a new knee and feeling good.
-Paris Oddo
This is my second experience here at AthletiCare. First was 6 years ago for my right frozen shoulder post arthroscopy. Like the first time, I have had a great experience since AthletiCare has great staff with a very experienced leader, Morgan. I have trouble sleeping with left shoulder impingement and scapular dyskinesis. Had to help my left arm to go down with overhead activites and it hurt when reaching across. After 2 months of PT, 3 x a week, I feel a lot better, getting closer to 100% normal. Morgan and his staff saved me the second time – forever grateful!
-Elna A.
I tore my hamstring doing a lunge during exercise. Then I was weak, in pain and limping. Now I am back to 100% activity which includes dancing 3x week. The care and treatment given by Morgan and Alexa was superb, on point and clearly the right stuff to heal my problem. They are proficient, knowledgeable and caring, and provide a very therapeutic and comfortable atmosphere. Thank you all. PS, Front desk and appointments also great!!
-Karen F.
My PT experience was great. I started off not even being able to walk after surgery and now I’m very close to being back to 100% and playing soccer. My balance and strength is 100 times better than it used to be, so overall the experience was awesome! Thank you Morgan and AthletiCare! I couldn’t have done any of it without you.
-Taylor C.
I want to thank everyone here at AthletiCare. 1) Rose greets you with a beautiful smile and a positive attitude daily; 2) Alexa is an absolute darling. She makes sure that you are doing everything correctly. Also, she is right on time with her assistance; 3) Morgan is fantastic. He has made my first physical therapy experience exciting and helpful. Also, this facility is fabulous!
-Carol Ann H.
I highly recommend AthletiCare to everyone, regardless of age. The facility is neat and clean and the staff is very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. The owner, Morgan Crum, is a Board Certified Specialist Doctor of Physical Therapy and always explains what therapy is going to be done and either he or his staff make sure you are doing your therapy correctly. I have previously used AthletiCare after having knee replacement therapy and just recently I needed physical therapy for neuropathy. The treatment I received was excellent! Beforehand I could hardly move my left foot and had experienced at least 5 falls. Fortunately, I have good bones at age 71. After treatment at AthletiCare my progress is probably close to 95%. Sometimes I forget that I even have neuropathy. Needless to say, I have recommended AthletiCare to friends and even strangers who are asking about PT facilities.
-Maxine G.
I came to AthletiCare after rotator cuff surgery. The staff were fantastic. Their dedication got me back in shape very rapidly. I highly recommend AthletiCare, – definitely above and beyond.
-David G.
I have been a patient of AthletiCare for five years. I first went to Morgan after my shoulder surgery. A few years later I came to Morgan following knee surgery. When my latest problem, which was my right hip, got to the point that I could not do every day activities, I came to see Morgan once again. I had a severely arthritic hip which was very inflamed. I am a runner, so all activity had to stop. I received exercises which would calm down the arthritis and the hip got stronger. After stretching by Morgan and six weeks of physical therapy the hip was strong enough for me to resume my daily activities. If it was not for Morgan at AthletiCare I might have needed a hip replacement. Morgan is one of the best people I have ever met. He is a professional in every sense of the word and a very sympathetic person. I thank all of the wonderful people at AthletiCare who have helped me on the road to recovery.
-Steve F.
Before I started I was having trouble walking, even short distances, without any pain. My leg was weak and not much strength. Since my time here, I am pain-free now. The inflammation in my knee joint is lessened and I can now walk much farther with more endurance. I can now pedal forwards with the left leg, which at the start was impossible. The entire staff is wonderful. They all are helpful and patient and make me want to come for each session. I am so thankful!
-Erika S.
I like the hands on therapy from Morgan. He is very professional and extremely knowledgeable. The staff is friendly but also professional in instructing how to perform the exercises properly. The clinic is clean with a great atmosphere. I will recommend all my friends here. Great clinic.
-Conley N.
Prior to beginning PT at AthletiCare I was in constant pain. My neck and upper shoulders ached, making it difficult to rotate my head very far from side to side, as well as, holding my head erect for an extended period of time (as during watching movies or TV or reading). Currently, my neck/shoulder pain is minimal (depending on the weather) and I am able to watch movies, etc, for a longer time. My range of motion is considerably better, allowing me to rotate my head during driving and other daily activities. I am very thankful for the care and “training” from all the folks at AthletiCare.
-Janice R.
In the last five years I have had five operations on my two knees. During that time I have been in five rehab centers and six physical therapy facilities. Considering all of these facilities and centers that I have been a patient in, I would personally rate the AthletiCare Facility superior. This facility was built for this purpose. It is very well laid out and organized and seems to have all of the equipment that is required for the injuries and rehabilitation that they provide treatment for. All of the equipment and facilities are kept spotless and sanitary. The staff and trainers are small in numbers but they are well-trained and organized. When I started my rehabilitation with AthletiCare I was virtually confined to a wheelchair and now I can walk almost 100% with a cane with very little pain. Thanks for all your help.
-Edward W.
I began therapy in September after having a total knee replacement. When I began therapy I was using a walker and cane to move around and I couldn’t bend or straighten my leg. I would drag my leg, it was weak, and I always felt tired. I was depressed and felt like I wouldn’t recover. Morgan, Alexa and Rose were always very supportive and encouraged me to increase my exercises and workout weights. During physical therapy they helped me achieve my goals of becoming independent and mobile. My leg improved tremendously. I can walk over a mile, ride a bike for 3 miles, and push 60 lbs of weight. I am also able to watch my grandchildren again (take them to the park and play on the floor) and complete all of my pre-surgery activities. All of this is possible because of the support and motivation I received while at AthletiCare. I would like to thank Morgan, Alexa and Rose for helping me through recovery. Your help, support and friendship have touched my heart and I will be forever grateful. I love you all!
-Susan B.
Pre surgery, I was a mess. My ankles would swell, ache, twist/sprain easily, and I was in constant pain. The after surgery cast experience was also difficult due to swelling and nerve pain. Since PT began, I can say that the pain is minimal, the flexibility is almost back, and I have 100% improved in the twist/sprain (chronic) department. My balance, strength, and control have given me confidence to begin resuming normal/everyday physical activities. The next goal is to go back to yoga, hiking and camping (no cross country backpacking). Without the advise, support, and rehab, I would not be where I am today.
-Tanya E.